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Two decades of gallery and museum exhibitions, performances, publications, and writing from coast to coast across North America and the Metaverse.


• Champagne dumped on his head in Buenos Aires

• Beaten up by skinheads in Reykjavik

• Jailed in Crisp County, Georgia, for wearing tiger-striped tights

• Cursed out by Helmut Kohl

• Thrown out of the Massachusetts State Assembly for busking "Bo Diddly Is A Communist" by Eugene Chadbourne

• Record holder for the highest manual altitude flight in virtual reality

• Described by poet Seamus Heaney in a Cork pub with 'There's something about you...Something dangerous'

• Invented the term 'Math Rock'

• Named Top 10 live music artist in SL

• Detained by Turkish police for washing up in the Fount of Ablutions of the Blue Mosque

• Impersonated Guest Of Honor at the New Orleans St. Patrick's Day Parade


Manx's visual art has been featured in commercial galleries, museums, and private collections across the United States. He organized The Manx Wharton Freakout Live in San Fran as part of SLCC 2009, showcasing the most immersive mixed reality performance art happening in North America. Manx was Chair of the Arts Track for the Second Life Community Convention in Oakland, California in 2011.


Manx is a founder of r9hundred Metaverse Media and is one of the most celebrated poets in virtual reality. He is a native of Charleston, South Carolina.

Manx Wharton

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