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Cate Infinity

Born in Seattle, WA to a photojournalist father and music teacher mother, Cate was exposed to the artistic side of life. At the age of 16, she was discovered at Pike's Market and started a modeling career. Her early starts were in Milan, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan till she finally landed and planted her creative roots in New York City. Cate never forgot her childhood fascination with the camera as memories of her father's work inspired her to go behind the lens. Earning her college degree in film-making at NYU and doing some commercial work translated into the path of still photography rather than moving pictures. Her trademark spontaneous style of photography does not require extensive editing as she relies on strategic lighting, rich texture, and unorthodox subjects.  This enhances her work in Second Life and the real world. Her collaboration with other artists forged relationships and enriched her experience. It has inspired and motivated her to open, and the proprietor Infinite Art Gallery and Infinite Productions. 

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