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(Amanda Tomasoa)

Amanda's artistic career started in Indonesia, way back in 1995. Her initial inspiration came from a piece of artwork her sister had made and given to her as a parting gift when Amanda shifted to Indonesia from her Malaysian home. This simple gift would inspire Amanda's career in the creative arts.


Since then, she has exhibited in 4 continents and sold her work to clients in Europe, USA, New Zealand and Asia. The list continues to grow even today.


Amanda's art celebrates life. She has always found abstracts to be the best form of art to express her thoughts and ideas. The vibrant colours and gently meandering strokes allow her to convey messages of hope and courage.


She harbors the lofty goal that her art will become a key instrument in transforming lives. She is always willing to convert her artwork into different mediums and, in the process, do her share for Indonesia’s local economy by creating jobs. To help provide for a better tomorrow to those who greatly need to believe that there is, indeed, a better tomorrow is her way of honoring the birthplace of her art career.


Between 2009 - 2014, 2021 to now-  AmandaT has shown is various SL galleries and spoken at art events.


If you are interested in her art, do visit her personal gallery at



In the meantime, you can also find her Art on her own website:


To get her art on 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle:


Feel free to reach out to her!

Amandat Tamatzui

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